how to open a Homeopathic and Natural medicine online store ?

how to open a Homeopathic and Natural medicine online store ?
I want to know is there any legal laws of NJ state or federal laws in USA if someone want to open a
online homeopathic and natural herbal medicine store online –

Suggestion by a ma tera s
Maybe you should think about other energetic modalities before you open a business,
just to use in combination with homeopathy.

I would check Quantum Elbowology. There is some guy called Nitram that is an expert in this technique. It’s easy to contact him via this link :;_ylt=Ajtpx3aHJNbMCerpw7HLD_fqxQt.;_ylv=3?show=nXU3QiIdaa

where you can find link to email him.

It’s nothing about legal stuff, but I am sure they can give you good advise on the subject of natural healing.

Also Flashflood is an expert in medical matters:
you can find her profile here :;_ylt=AnRj3upZToLrcTmRyZnyWH3qxQt.;_ylv=3?show=vtudLCW8aa

I think that she can also provide you with a well-working answer.

They are both specialists in the more subtle fields of the body, very scientific and creative. Well worth asking their advice.

Good luck

Suggestion by Gary Y
There should be laws against opening a homeopathic anything, given it’s a bogus therapy.

Quantum Elbowology – definitely seek the advice of Nitram about that….. ;)

Suggestion by Flizbap 2.0
Just know you are selling a scam product that is going to placed under a microscope, legally speaking.

So you are going to be opening yourself to all sorts of litigation.

Why don’t you practice quantum elbowology instead?

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How long does it take for a package to arrive from india To the United States?
I bought some medicine online on April 8. A week ago. And still hasnt arrive. I didnt Specify the shippin method, and am a little worry.

Suggestion by kelly
It really depends on customs; how many packages they have to sort through, and whether or not your package gets flagged for a check.
From my experience in shipping 10-15 days is typical.

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Where can I get a prescription online?
Can anyone point me to a website to get a prescription online so I can also order sleeping medicine online.

By the way, Im living in Canada. Apparently its illegal for a doctor to give someone a prescription in america if they havent met.
Those sites are for getting the drugs, what I want is a prescription for sleeping medicine so I can buy them since I dont have one from a doctor(and I wont be getting it from a doc either).

otc drugs dont help, the only thing besides massive doses of alcohol that have been able to put me to sleep is carisoprodol. So I was looking for a prescription to that or to ambien(zolpidem).

And once again, Im not going to a doctor to get a prescription, they think they know more than i do…
/sarcasm off (in case anyone didnt catch that hilarious joke.)

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  1. chuckboris August 24, 2013 at 1:33 am #

    Well, the first thing you have to do is develop your lying, cheating, and scamming skills, because what you’re trying to sell is bunk.

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