What is the Mayo Clinic’s Pediatric Dysautonomia clinic like in Minnesota?

What is the Mayo Clinic’s Pediatric Dysautonomia clinic like in Minnesota?
Hi, I’m 13 and i have an unknown vomitting problem that my doctors think is dysautonomia and I am now going to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota and i was wondering if anyone had ever been there or head about it.
Thank you

Suggestion by Dr. Kunz
Its a very nice facility, probably one of the most highly regarded medical centers in the U.S, trust me, you well be taken care with a very high level of professional care, the whole city of Rochester is bulit around the mayo clinic

Suggestion by kerrbear
I have been to Mayo many, many times. It is a very good place to go for medical care. I have never been specifically to the Pediatric Dysautonomia part though. You will be given a map and a guide of the clinic when you check in. There are also escorts and info. desks all over to help. I’m not sure where you are from but I will tell you it is very cold here right now though! Dress warm. I live about 100 miles west of Rochester,MN.

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How do you donate to a certain cause that doesn’t have a charity?
My girlfriend has been in the hospital for over a year now. She has a rare case of autoimmune hemolytic anemia. The Mayo Clinic is trying some experimental medicine on her because there is no cure yet. The medicine is a form of chemotherapy that doesn’t make you loose your hair. I was wondering how I could donate money to that specific type of research.

Suggestion by AuntKatie
Donating to cancer research would indirectly donate to any research about chemotherapy. I know this might not be exactly what you mean but it might be a place to start. You could contact the American Cancer Society and get information about it from them.

Suggestion by Skylark ♥
Since the Mayo Clinic are the ones investing their time and energy into medication to potentially treat her, you might consider donating directly to them. You can specify that you’d like the contributions to be used for this research by clicking the “other designation tab” and then listing it below


Most other hospitals and treatment centers happily accept donations, and most have information on their websites. Giving money to the people who directly care for her would be more personal. You could still donate to the American Cancer Society or other non-profit organizations committed to cancer causes.

Good luck to you and your girlfriend.

~ skylark

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What are the odds of my cousin surviving melanoma?
I just got news yesterday that my cousin has melanoma. He’s physically in shape and only 25 years old. The cancer has spread some into his lymph nodes and I’m really nervous. He’s currently at the Mayo Clinic and I was just wondering what his chances of survival are. I just really want to know. I’ve been really upset. Thanks. -Steven

Suggestion by Spreedog
Survival varies with the depth of invasion.
You do not give us that information.
Wiki is fairly good for this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanoma
See the survival data for stage III – - 25 to 60% five year survival.
You can see this is a wide range.
The MAYO clinic info on Malignant melanoma doesn’t give survival
statistics that I see. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/melanoma/DS00439/DSECTION=treatments-and-drugs
The Mayo Clinic is one of the best medical centers in the world.
I spent two months there as a medical student. He is on good hands there.
- – -
Here is another reference with survival data that looks more hopeful.


Again it would help to know the depth of invasion.
You can see in this last reference a survival at ten years in the 60% range.

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